KAPti nut2


KAPti-nut is a high strength captive threaded fastening system for sheet metal ideally suited to multiple and automated insertion into thin gauge steel, aluminium and pre-finished materials.

Unifast’s KAPti-nut is capable of delivering significantly better results in terms of cost effectiveness, performance and, now increasingly important, reduced environmental impact over traditional weld nuts or blind rivet nuts.

The inherent simplicity of the KAPti-nut system, with its single stroke pressing operation, manual or auto feed capabilities which installs fasteners at the same time as manufacturing components produces none of the quality problems found in traditional weld nut processes.

To quote one of our valued clients: “At the end of the day it’s a cleaner, safer, more efficient way to attach one piece of metal to another. What more is there to say?”

Added to the KAPti-nut range, the KAPti-stud offers a versatile alternative to weld studs where processes require a “male” external threaded fastener. The KAPti-stud out-performs other studs that continue to be vulnerable to thread damage.

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