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Welcome to Unifast Fastening Systems Ltd, the UK partner of the global fastening solutions company Unifast Srl.

With its state of the art systems and cutting edge design, Unifast is an acknowledged leader in the fastener market, and it’s our ability to deliver professional, innovative, reliable and economic fastening solutions to our clients that make us the supplier of choice for so many companies.

The UK office is a demonstration of our commitment to superior customer service.  Our clients have direct access to our unique services, from the technical/manufacturing planning, design, development, prototyping and lab testing through to the purely commercial availability, delivery, cost control and pricing. Acting as a UK delivery hub our Hampshire warehouse will enable us to dramatically reduce delivery times and costs.

Clients will gain a competitive edge by tapping into our UK based research and development facilities and the engineering expertise of the company’s experienced staff.

While we excel in the re-engineering of existing parts, simplifying processes and reducing both process time and overall cost, we remain at the forefront of new product development.  We seek to work closely with clients, as a true partner, involved from the initial idea through to the final product, a product that meets the Client’s needs, delivered on time and to the highest quality standards available.

This “complete service” approach goes to the very core of Unifast. Our constant interaction both with clients and the global market enables us to be in the forefront of technological advancement and to be on top of the serious issues affecting the market, such as environmental concerns, allowing us to meet and often exceed clients expectations.

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